Thinkin out loud #tweegram  (Taken with instagram)

Thinkin out loud #tweegram (Taken with instagram)

#BANG Banger - Casper G, Face 490 & Landon (Official Video) (by FoQusMusic)

Treat your ears right on Valentines Day . Listen to this track. :)


Good morning everyone! It’s finally here the humble beginnings of “PFTV” aka​no =) If you like what you see & hear, share the love with everyone and feel free to subscribe, like and comment! Thank You. My Project “I CAN’T WAIT” drops October 8th, 2011..and no I really can’t! #PlaneMuzik

I am Patrick Feliciano and all I’ve wanted to do is move listeners via muzik.  To evoke emotion by way of sound is the truest essence of music and is the mark of some of the best musical pioneers of our time.  Click on the link above and take a peep at my first single, “Enough” .Please listen, enjoy and if you so choose hit that free download button! Thank you for your time. #PlaneMuzik

“…Good morning to the blind,may you finally see today. Good morning to the deaf, may you finally hear the truth. Good morning to the mute, may this be the day you are heard and good morning to the lonely, may you finally find eternal Love and compassion…”

- P@ F.

“Real friends are there to light a fire under ya when you need it, not burn you down for following your dreams. #ShoutOut to those who stick by their peoples for the long haul.”

- P@ F.

“Drugs are not partial to race or religion. Meaning to say they’re actually pretty versatile. No Bueno.”

- P@ F. 

“I believe the solutions for the worlds problems will not manifest from the thoughts of a Man, but instead begin with the voice of The Children. Its a Fucked up world we live in. The Children, however, should not have to say the same. #RealTalk. FOR THE PEOPLE.”

- P@. F